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Look, not all SEO reseller programs were created equally. There are going to be some that fit really well and other that are just not a good fit for your business. The issue is really not finding the “perfect” program as much as it is finding a program you can resell that will go the distance with your business. So what does that really mean? Let’s break it down.

Reselling SEO for someone else is really a partnership. You and another organization are joining together for a common cause: To make money together. You both want to gain SEO customers. But you have decided that one group will sell while the other group will deliver. This has a logic to it. Each organization can specialize in what they are good at and not try to do things they are not particularly great at. So if you are good at sales or already have IT customers, you are probably ready to check out an SEO reseller program. The reason is that reselling SEO is much easier than trying to build a solid SEO product yourself. With so much of SEO being off-site these days to rank, it is a very competitive space.

So what defines an SEO reseller strategy you can work with? First, be comfortable with the search engine optimization tactics they use. Learn about them. Get to know how they function and where there rankings really come from. Be comfortable. Second, you need a good working relationship with the reseller. You will be in business together. This means that things will go wrong from time-to-time. That’s okay. With a good working relationship, you can adjust and fix things. With a bad relationship, you don’t get your work done.

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