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So you know my bent, if you want to jump in to the search engine optimization game, DO IT! It’s cool. There is tons going on every day in SEO that makes for great conversation and debate – and there is money to be made too.  However, you need to not make the big mistake I see many doing all the time. They assume that SEO is easy. They really underestimate how competitive the landscape is in the search engine optimization world. For this reason I am a huge fan of the SEO reseller strategy.  Outsource SEO to someone that specializes. When you are first starting out – you need to focus on sales. Sales (and marketing), but mostly sales, is where your day needs to begin and end. As you acquire customers, the focus can shift to delivery- but at first you need to sell – or your little company will not go too far.

So to keep from becoming to tied up in the delivery, a high quality SEO reseller program can be exactly what you need. You can outsource SEO to another organization that does only this all day.  The outsourced SEO firm will have economy of scale. When you outsource SEO to them, that’s all they will focus on. That’s there sole mission – while yours is to sell search engine optimization services out in the marketplace. You can always come back around and decide to bring SEO delivery back in-house. If you don’t sell, the only decision will be where to send your resume :-)

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