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Deciding to Resell SEO Services

If you have decided to resell SEO services for a living, or offer such services to existing clients, the industry itself is indeed a thriving one. However, deciding to resell SEO services is not something that should be undertaken lightly, as there are several things you should know about the industry itself before declaring yourself fit to resell SEO services to others. First and foremost, make sure that you deal only and exclusively in white label or private label SEO tactics when you decide to resell SEO to anyone. These terms refer to the internationally accepted ethical means of boosting search engine visibility, so it behooves you greatly to know what is and is not considered kosher ahead of time, lest you end up destroying both your own and your clients reputations online with shady tactics.

Once you have verified all of your tactics as ethical, it is time to prove your mettle in the industry before charging money to resell SEO services. Your own websites should be well ranked for SEO keywords, as well as any other industry specific keywords that you deal in on a daily basis. This is a great baseline for clients to determine whether or not someone attempting to resell SEO to them knows what they are talking about, since an outfit that cannot successfully promote their own site online is somewhat of a red flag. To build up a resume before you charge to resell SEO, offer to work for free or for a reduced rate for other people in order to boost their SEO rankings. If you can boost their rankings successfully, go ahead and ask them for their input afterwards. If they say nice things, add their testimonials to your website in order to bolster your credibility. Keep things above board and honest, and you should be able to successfully resell SEO with the best of them!

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