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If you have ever been involved in designing or promoting a new website, you may be familiar with SEO, or search engine optimization. But did you know that many website designers and website marketing professionals and consultants can actually sell search engine optimization services themselves to their clients? By selling search engine optimization services, these professionals are able to generate incredible returns with minimal investment. Website designers and marketing professionals who work with search engine optimization firms to sell search engine optimization services to their clients are known as SEO resellers. To become SEO resellers, these professionals sign up for the SEO reseller plans that are currently offered by many search engine optimization companies.

With an SEO reseller plan, SEO resellers are able to sell search engine optimization services to their clients and then outsource the work back to the search engine optimization firm. So, the SEO resellers never have to do any of the search engine optimization work themselves. For small operations, outsourcing search engine optimization services is the perfect solution; the other alternatives involve significant time and financial investments. If a website designer or marketing professional decides to offer search engine optimization services without an SEO reseller plan, they would either need to learn how to do SEO themselves, or they would have to hire a trained and experienced SEO employee. Either option requires a significant financial investment and a considerable investment of time.

But, SEO resellers get to have the best of both worlds by offering search engine optimization services to their clients and making tremendous profits without ever having to do any of the work directly. If you are familiar with the concept of outsourcing, you know that it is perfectly acceptable to charge clients markup prices; for SEO resellers, outsourcing and marking up the cost of SEO services is a standard practice, and one that can exponentially increase their profits.

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