Two Different Ways of Reselling SEO

Reselling SEO is not hard to do. So many website owners need search engine optimization services that they will practically beat down your door for it. However, if you want to resell SEO you will need to make sure you are set up for it. If you don’t know much about SEO there is a wealth of information online about it. Also, when you really want to get into reselling SEO you will be able to locate a good SEO firm that will be willing to teach you all you need to know. A good SEO firm will even advise their resellers on how to market their SEO products.

Reselling SEO is a fantastic way to make extra income online. Some really good resellers are even earning a substantial living at it. You don’t have to be an expert in search engine optimization. You just need to partner with a skilled and reliable SEO firm. Reselling SEO involves marketing SEO services to clients. Reselling SEO means you are the middle man between the SEO firm and the client.

Reselling SEO can be done two different ways. The first way you get to earn a commission by reselling SEO. This is called commission based SEO reselling. The SEO firm you partner with will pay you a certain percentage for each new customer you send their way. All you have to do is market SEO services to the customer. It is very much like being an affiliate for the SEO firm. The second way reselling SEO can be done is by doing white label SEO. The white label way of reselling SEO means that you market the search engine optimization services under your own label or name. The customer thinks that you are doing the services. In all reality however, you will be outsourcing the work to the SEO firm you associate yourself with.

Reselling SEO the white label way means that you are the one who stays in contact with the customer. You bill the customer and pass reports to them that you get from the SEO firm. You also are responsible to answer any questions the customer may have when you are reselling SEO the white label way.

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