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Looking for a Good SEO Reseller Program?

Ok, so you have decided to resell SEO. You’ve heard about how much money you can make. So where do you start? You start by locating a top of the line SEO firm who is offering a good SEO reseller program. You are going to have to do some digging and research to find the best SEO firms that will have a good SEO reseller program though. Not all SEO firms are alike. Not all of them are top of the line and not all of them offer a good SEO reseller program.

There is one type of SEO reseller program that may or may not be a good SEO reseller program for you. This is called the affiliate SEO reseller program. With the affiliate program you will only be paid a certain percentage for each new client that you refer to the SEO firm that will sign up for their services. If you send one to the SEO firm and they don’t buy their SEO plan or packages, you’ll lose out. This may be fine for some resellers. However it is not going to be good enough for those who want to make as much money as possible by reselling SEO.

The best type of SEO reseller program to get involved with is the white lable SEO reseller program. This type of program is also referred to as private label SEO by those in the search engine optimization services industry. Private label SEO has some really unique perks to it that the affiliate SEO reseller program does not have. For instance, what the private label SEO reseller program you own your own business. You also own your own client contracts and records. The client is strictly yours too. You will be in the business to outsource your clients search engine optimization needs to a professional, top quality, search engine optimization firm.

When looking for a good SEO reseller program make sure you speak with several search engine optimization firms in person. It is better to talk to them in person because you will get a good feel for what type of company it is that you will be referring your customers work to. You also want to find a search engine optimization firm that has an actual physical address and phone number that you can call.

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