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Have you thought to yourself how great it would be to embed yourself in the world of search engine optimization, or SEO? A good way to get an in is to work with a white label SEO. But prior to getting in contact with someone at this kind of firm, first understand the types of professionals who generally work with them. Then decide which of your skills mesh well with the opportunities offered by an SEO of this kind.

A white label SEO possesses the innate power to utilize the most appropriate and integrative tools, often more so than a traditional SEO. Whereas a traditional-style SEO firm employs a few technology-focused specialists and then a full team of salespeople responsible for promoting the service, a white label SEO can fully focus its efforts on one thing: creating opportunities for clients to get more business.

A white label SEO generally hires only technology-focused specialists and leaves everything else up to freelance writers, bloggers and resellers. Freelance writers often get new assignments every day to write articles based on the keywords that clients and the white label SEO chooses that they feel will bring the most amount of online users directly to the client via the web. Bloggers do just like it sounds … they blog about the same keyword-specific topics. Resellers, meanwhile, have the task of selling the service to customers.

Both writers and bloggers work almost exclusively on a freelance basis, meaning they get paid directly from the white label SEO on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the work they have completed. Good writers get bonuses or raises after a certain amount of time. They also get more challenging work. The amount writers get paid varies from firm to firm, and the amount of work is almost entirely up to the writer and what she is capable of delivering.

Resellers are responsible for getting new clients. They often work on a contract basis and join specific SEO reseller programs with white label SEOs, which also commonly are known as private label SEOs. Resellers often get a cut or percentage of what is brought in on a monthly basis, or they could get a flat fee based on the number of clients they bring in each week or month. Resellers stand to make considerably more than writers, but they also spend considerably more time on reselling than writers do on writing.

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