The Importance of Online Marketing

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Online marketing is becoming more and more important to running a successful business and a company’s search engine rankings are a crucial component of successful online marketing. Consumers are increasingly buying products online and to find what they are looking for they are increasingly turning to search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. 92 percent of adults that use the internet report that they perform a search at least once everyday. The higher a company’s website appears in search engine ranks, such as google rankings for example, the more likely a customer is to click on the link to their website. Customer’s typically go to the first result they see that meets their criteria and are unlikely to search through pages and pages of search results. Therefore, a higher ranking in search engine results leads to more traffic on the site and subsequently translates into more sales. It also crucial that the website have a high organic ranking, as opposed to a sponsored ranking. Customers report that they are significantly more likely to visit sites that appear in the organic, or natural, rankings.

A website’s ranking in search engine results is quite complex; a variety of factors influence a website’s web search engine ranking, including web content, HTML, and coding, among others. The final rank is produces by an algorithm. The “PageRank” algorithm, named for Larry Page, the cofounder of google, ultimately determines google rankings of search results, taking in account a variety of criteria. Interestingly, blogging is an important search engine optimization tool: companies that blog have 434 percent more indexed pages, resulting in more leads.

Overall the more online marketing activities a company engages in and the greater their internet presence, the more likely they are to attract consumers. More and more people are utilizing mobile devices while out shopping to connect to the internet and obtain information about products and companies. 48 percent of mobile device users, almost half, report looking up product reviews or seeking out promotions using their device. So the bottom line? The more online marketing the better.

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