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When Google began testing algorithms for PageRank, the founders used LEGO bricks to build a hard drive storage compartment. Google is considered a unique organization and the biggest search engine online. The first “doodle” ever posted by Google took place back in 1998, which displayed a Burning Man to give a message about the cofounders spending time at this well known festival in Nevada. Search engine optimization is the most lucrative industry on the web today, and implementing SEO is how website owners increase their Google rankings. Outsourcing SEO is highly recommended because of all the competition that exists online.

On February 26th, 2009, the very first tweet executed by Google was in binary code. The binary code stood for “I’m feeling lucky.” Today, internet marketers know how important it is to outsource SEO, especially when 80 percent of search engine users only spend time clicking on organic links. In fact, this same 80 percent say they never pay attention to paid advertisements. Therefore, obtaining a high organic position in major search engines is the goal of all website owners trying to generate traffic from search engines like Google. The increasing popularity of mobile devices is impacting how internet marketers and website owners approach marketing campaigns online.

Roughly 65 percent of mobile device users spend time using their smart phone or tablet PC to find information online about local businesses. This same 65 percent also use their mobile devices to purchase things on the internet. Seo marketing is the best way to gain more attention from online users, but a lot of website owners make the mistake of implementing web optimization strategies alone, instead of hiring a reputable marketing firm. Outsourcing SEO to a reputable and ethical marketing firm is the best way to become successful at generating traffic from major search engines.

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