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Statistics show that 70 percent of those who use search engines are more likely to click on links which are “organic,” otherwise known as search engine results which are what the user was actually looking for. This is in contrast to inorganic results or suggestions, which more often come in the form of sponsored links and advertisements based on search criteria. Internet marketers who want to resell social media should be aware of these statistics, because they are one sign that the market is moving toward relying on genuine content to get ahead instead of sponsored advertisements which users have grown tired of. 75 percent of internet users say that they will avoid paid advertisements entirely in favor of organic links, and if you resell social media then you are part of the process of giving them the organic content that they are looking for.

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are two vital ways through which a business or reseller may be able to address some of the requirements of a new form of marketing that relies more on consumer trust than gimmicks. Through the optimization of content, it is possible to resell social media that clients and users will love. 93 percent of internet users will start their experience online by visiting a search engine and performing a search. Many others either begin with, or regularly check, social media networks. If you resell social media then you can make sure that your clients are getting attention from these prime demographics, many of which are working adults who have an income and a need for products and services.

White label seo and web design are tools that you can use to attract those users on the internet search engine side, and you can resell social media to catch them on social media networks as well. With eCommerce topping $200 billion USD in sales in the year of 2011, it is important for both consumer sales and B2B sales to have the right online marketing strategies in place. There are at least 30 percent of businesses out there which outsource some portion of their social media marketing to firms that resell social media to companies, a figure which was at 28 percent in 2011. More businesses than ever realize the value of companies which resell social media and outsource Seo, because it has proven results and a very reasonable cost to performance ratio.
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