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When Google began testing algorithms for PageRank, the founders used LEGO bricks to build a hard drive storage compartment. Google is considered a unique organization and the biggest search engine online. The first “doodle” ever posted by Google took place back in 1998, which displayed a Burning Man to give a message about the cofounders spending time at this well known festival in Nevada. Search engine optimization is the most lucrative industry on the web today, and implementing SEO is how website owners increase their Google rankings. Outsourcing SEO is highly recommended because of all the competition that exists online.

On February 26th, 2009, the very first tweet executed by Google was in binary code. The binary code stood for “I’m feeling lucky.” Today, internet marketers know how important it is to outsource SEO, especially when 80 percent of search engine users only spend time clicking on organic links. In fact, this same 80 percent say they never pay attention to paid advertisements. Therefore, obtaining a high organic position in major search engines is the goal of all website owners trying to generate traffic from search engines like Google. The increasing popularity of mobile devices is impacting how internet marketers and website owners approach marketing campaigns online.

Roughly 65 percent of mobile device users spend time using their smart phone or tablet PC to find information online about local businesses. This same 65 percent also use their mobile devices to purchase things on the internet. Seo marketing is the best way to gain more attention from online users, but a lot of website owners make the mistake of implementing web optimization strategies alone, instead of hiring a reputable marketing firm. Outsourcing SEO to a reputable and ethical marketing firm is the best way to become successful at generating traffic from major search engines.

SEO Reporting Remains An Important Tool

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Three quarters of internet users who browse search engines for queries do not scroll past the first page of search engine results. What does that mean for companies that want to break into a new industry, or promote a new brand? It means that you need to have strong efforts right out of the gate, or you could get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of competition that is available online. Google rankings can be improved through the right internet marketing efforts, but SEO reporting should be a fundamental part of any tool kit.

Because between 70 and 80 percent of internet search engine users routinely ignore advertised links, sponsored results, and more, organic links are seen as being far more effective in terms of generating leads and returns. SEO reporting can help you to shape a more organic, effective internet marketing campaign that you or your clients are going to appreciate. Search engine rankings are determined by the amount of individuals who click on a link, along with criteria that search engines use to measure quality, accessibility, relevance, and more. 92 percent of adults who go online will perform at least one search on any given day, so SEO reporting can tell you more about how to reach this substantial amount of users. Search engines rely on different qualities of a website to determine whether or not it will be on the first page, and originality is definitely one of them.

If your website has fresh, well made content and websites which are properly coded, it can greatly increase your chances of being seen and getting clicks. SEO reporting is a fundamental tool as well, as 88 percent of internet users ages 14 and older will browse or research products online this year. 40 percent of them will follow up on social media, or ask for information before they make their purchase. SEO tools can help you to refine your content and better reach those consumers with your brand, image, or product. You can rely on SEO reporting for a number of other tasks as well, such as a better optimization toward mobile internet users, which are expected to overtake desktop users by 2014. SEO blogs provide great information and coverage, and when combined with Seo reporting they can give you a clear understanding of how and where you can strengthen your marketing to get the best results possible.

Three Out Of Every Four Web Users Refuse To Go Past The First Page Of Results, Meaning Search Engine Rankings Are Very Important


Google is known for being a quirky business. They even used Lego bricks to create storage compartments for their hard drives during the early days of the PageRank algorithm. Today, that algorithm is responsible for Google rankings, or an internet marketing metric that speaks to the success of search engine optimization at a company that trusts Seo reporting to tell them how successful their business model is. A successful business manager will be aware that between 70 percent and 80 percent of all users on the web do not pay attention to paid or sponsored results these days, preferring to only follow organic results when they run a search on the web for a new product, service or other personal interest.

There were about 70 million users shopping by mobile device including a smart phone or a tablet during 2012, with 65 percent of mobile web users purchasing services and goods through their mobile device. This is why expansion into the mobile browsing market needs to be a top priority for any company that relies on web sales. Your search engine rankings will improve when you are able to provide excellent mobile browsing experiences. As your search engine rankings climb, so will your sales. Being able to manage mobile browsing is not a task for everyone. This is why it is usually important for business managers to find a professional that will make managing web browsing via mobile devices much easier.

The cost of boosting your search engine rankings is worth any money spent; however, it is not so much of a cost as it is an investment. By putting money toward your search engine rankings today, the returns that you will see over time could be astronomical. Several upstart organizations were able to thrive early in their business cycles, meaning that they spent as little as just a few months of time where their debt outweighed their profits, based on the use of excellent web strategies. Web strategies involving search engine rankings can be complex if you are new to search engine optimization and reporting tools. This is why search engine rankings professionals should be contacted to improve your organizational position. Your organizational position refers both to how well you attract sales, as well as how you relate to your competitors and what the public perception of your business looks like as you grow your organization throughout several years of profits or losses.

The Importance of Online Marketing

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Online marketing is becoming more and more important to running a successful business and a company’s search engine rankings are a crucial component of successful online marketing. Consumers are increasingly buying products online and to find what they are looking for they are increasingly turning to search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. 92 percent of adults that use the internet report that they perform a search at least once everyday. The higher a company’s website appears in search engine ranks, such as google rankings for example, the more likely a customer is to click on the link to their website. Customer’s typically go to the first result they see that meets their criteria and are unlikely to search through pages and pages of search results. Therefore, a higher ranking in search engine results leads to more traffic on the site and subsequently translates into more sales. It also crucial that the website have a high organic ranking, as opposed to a sponsored ranking. Customers report that they are significantly more likely to visit sites that appear in the organic, or natural, rankings.

A website’s ranking in search engine results is quite complex; a variety of factors influence a website’s web search engine ranking, including web content, HTML, and coding, among others. The final rank is produces by an algorithm. The “PageRank” algorithm, named for Larry Page, the cofounder of google, ultimately determines google rankings of search results, taking in account a variety of criteria. Interestingly, blogging is an important search engine optimization tool: companies that blog have 434 percent more indexed pages, resulting in more leads.

Overall the more online marketing activities a company engages in and the greater their internet presence, the more likely they are to attract consumers. More and more people are utilizing mobile devices while out shopping to connect to the internet and obtain information about products and companies. 48 percent of mobile device users, almost half, report looking up product reviews or seeking out promotions using their device. So the bottom line? The more online marketing the better.

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