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If you possess a strong interest to resell social media, consider this: a typically business will respond to just 30 percent of what its fans and followers ask or say on social media pages. These are the companies you ideally will want to reach as you embark on selling social media to the masses. Only about 30 percent of companies outsourced part of their marketing plans as it related to social media last year, but that number was up 2 percent from 28 percent in 2011. The numbers will only go higher, so jump now at the opportunity to resell this hot commodity before your competitors do it for you.

With electronic commerce topping $200 billion in 2011 and retailers and service providers with online presences reporting that more than 39 percent of their business comes from online searches, the need is as high as it has ever been for a firm Internet marketing program that has a social media component attached to it. The need is great too because more and more people are using their smartphones, tablets, and other devices to learn all they can about products and services before they buy them, and checking out their Facebook and Twitter pages is no exception. Thus, companies like the ones you will be targeting as a reseller are having to compete much more for business than they ever have before, including brick and mortar stores that desperately need online visibility to grab hold of what they have and possibly improve upon it.

With an online marketing plan that you resell through your own company, you will have something strong and powerful that companies will have no choice but to try out. Whatever you offer on top of both social media and perhaps search engine optimization, another strong and effective tool, will be irresistible to these companies that do not have the first clue how to successfully woo new clients and keep current ones happy in the changing online landscape. Working your reselling efforts through a private label SEO will get you even further in the door with these clients, since they will think that you are the one offering social media when in fact another company is handling it. But you already have something worthwhile to give these clients, and you are just adding social media as yet another viable and truly functional piece of their overall web based marketing puzzle.
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What Can A Social Media Reseller Do For You?

Search engine optimization

In 2012 alone, it was estimated that more than eighty five percent of internet users who are fourteen years or older will research products online. Keeping this statistic in mind, you might wonder what kinds of websites that your younger targeted audiences will access in order to look at products or services. Since social media is such a popularly used outlet, you should consider developing a business social media website in order to appeal to a younger audience. If you have never used any social media websites before, you can consider utilizing the best social media reseller in order to bring your business up to speed in this aspect. These types of social media resellers can assist with implementing some of the best practices in order to increase your client base using these types of internet marketing.

It has been reported that on average, only approximately thirty percent of companies respond to feedback or comments from their social media fans or followers. As such, seeking out a social media reseller can help you maintain the relationship your business has with its fans or followers using social media websites. Your social media reseller can respond to comments and inquiries so that you do not have to devote time to this endeavor, nor risk the loss of fans or followers online. Your social media reseller can also ensure that your business social media web pages are interesting and will draw in new clients and fans. This can be done by utilizing vibrant information and photos, as well as using search engine optimization. Search engine optimization and an SEO reseller plan utilizes popular internet search terms, which are then implemented into the text at social media websites and other business websites. SEO leads have a nearly fifteen percent closing rate, while other leads such as print advertising or direct mail only maintain about a one and a half percent closing rate.

Your social media reseller can advise you about other necessary search statistics and facts. According to statistics, seventy percent of links search users utilize are organic. Additionally, approximately eighty percent of individuals that utilize search engines do not use sponsored search results, and seventy nine percent of users say they nearly always utilize natural search results. Your social media reseller can help you understand these statistics and use them in order to ensure that your social media websites experience an increase in web traffic.

Developing SEO Techniques

Seo marketing

Around 65 to 70 percent of searches done in major search engines are done on Google. Google is the world’s most well known internet search engine, and most website owners are attempting to gain a competitive organic position on Google for specific keywords. Search engine optimization is a hot commodity. In fact, search engine optimization is the most lucrative industry found on the web today. Developing SEO techniques is an ongoing process that never ends because web optimization is constantly evolving.

Seo marketing is best performed by SEO firms, which is why outsourcing is such an important concept. Many website owners don’t realize they need to outsource their web optimization needs in order to have a chance to compete. Around 70 to 80 percent of search engine users never see or click on sponsored ads. This same percentage only clicks on organic links. Gaining high Google rankings in organic search results is the best way to obtain a significant amount of traffic to a website. SEO firms focus on link building, content creation, and article submission services in order to improve their client’s position in major search engines.

Google has always been unique in many different ways, including offline. For instance, goats are seen at the headquarters of Google for cutting grass instead of lawnmowers. Google actually rents goats from a grazing company to have their lawns mowed, which is a small insight to the way they think about developing algorithms. Understanding what Google is looking for in a website is the best way to determine what SEO techniques are effective.

The job of marketing firms involves keeping up with changes that are made to algorithms of search engines. Almost half of all internet users click on high ranking organic results in search engines. Developing SEO techniques to take advantage of organic exposure is highly encouraged. Website owners should outsource their web optimization needs instead of attempting to overcome these challenges alone. All leads that are generated with SEO strategies have a higher close rate than outbound leads do. SEO is one of the most important strategies to pay attention to if you’re involved with internet marketing.

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