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Statistics show that 70 percent of those who use search engines are more likely to click on links which are “organic,” otherwise known as search engine results which are what the user was actually looking for. This is in contrast to inorganic results or suggestions, which more often come in the form of sponsored links and advertisements based on search criteria. Internet marketers who want to resell social media should be aware of these statistics, because they are one sign that the market is moving toward relying on genuine content to get ahead instead of sponsored advertisements which users have grown tired of. 75 percent of internet users say that they will avoid paid advertisements entirely in favor of organic links, and if you resell social media then you are part of the process of giving them the organic content that they are looking for.

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are two vital ways through which a business or reseller may be able to address some of the requirements of a new form of marketing that relies more on consumer trust than gimmicks. Through the optimization of content, it is possible to resell social media that clients and users will love. 93 percent of internet users will start their experience online by visiting a search engine and performing a search. Many others either begin with, or regularly check, social media networks. If you resell social media then you can make sure that your clients are getting attention from these prime demographics, many of which are working adults who have an income and a need for products and services.

White label seo and web design are tools that you can use to attract those users on the internet search engine side, and you can resell social media to catch them on social media networks as well. With eCommerce topping $200 billion USD in sales in the year of 2011, it is important for both consumer sales and B2B sales to have the right online marketing strategies in place. There are at least 30 percent of businesses out there which outsource some portion of their social media marketing to firms that resell social media to companies, a figure which was at 28 percent in 2011. More businesses than ever realize the value of companies which resell social media and outsource Seo, because it has proven results and a very reasonable cost to performance ratio.
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Growing Number of SEO Resellers

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Today’s entrepreneur has more options to create additional streams of revenue because of the opportunities that exist on the web. Every day, thousands of new websites are born, most of which will fail because of the neglect of search engine optimization. Successful website owners outsource their needs for web optimization services. There is a growing number of SEO resellers because of the amount of successful website owners who continue to produce opportunities. In other words, high demands are increasing the number of SEO resellers that are currently earning additional income.

Each time a website owner outsources their needs for web optimization to one of many SEO resellers, they experience increased traffic. Increased traffic is obviously the main goal of all online business owners because it produces more revenue. SEO resellers are in business to promote success for their customers. While website owners experience more revenue after outsourcing their needs for web optimization, a reseller experiences increased income as well. SEO resellers earn commission on every client they produce for the marketing firm they’ve partnered with. Bother resellers and website owners outsourcing their work benefit from the needs of search engine optimization.

The good news doesn’t stop there, as marketing firms benefit from the transaction that takes place between a website owner and a reseller. Marketing firms rely on their SEO resellers to gain more clients by using promotional ads and a variety of marketing techniques. Furthermore, marketing firms actually save money by employing SEO resellers. For example, SEO resellers perform all the necessary footwork to gain clients, which saves a marketing firm a significant amount of money on advertising.

Website owners who attempt to perform search engine optimization alone are left in the dust. The internet is full of fierce competitors, all of which are outsourcing their needs to professional firms. Performing web optimization alone involves facing teams of professional PPC managers, link buildings, content writers, and article submitters that are employed by marketing firms. In other words, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with competitors who outsource their work to marketing firms that employ teams of experienced SEO specialists. Therefore, it should be no secret that there is a growing number of SEO resellers taking advantage of these conditions.

When Should A SEO Reseller Consider A New Partner For Content?

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As a SEO reseller it is important that you review the facts of a program that you may already be involved in. Is the program helping you to meet the needs of your clients, or do you often find yourself needing to work with outside sources to fulfill an obligation? Does the content and the services supporting it actually perform up to your expectations, or the expectations of your client? These are questions a SEO reseller may have to ask himself or herself at some point during a career, because it may help to understand how and where your current program is failing you.

It is never too late to change courses for a SEO reseller that is looking for the right content provider, but first you need to examine what you need and why you are not getting it. For example, is the content that a current SEO firm provides to you written well? If the content is barely legible, then you may have a problem on your hands, as it needs to be just as friendly to human readers as it does to internet search engine algorithms. If a SEO reseller only needed to rely on gaming a machine into recognizing certain results, then there would be no need for well written, legible, and often informative content, but the truth of the matter is that more expensive SEO is often vastly more well written for a good reason. It performs better, it blends more seamlessly into websites, social media, and blogs, and it simply makes for better marketing. A SEO reseller that is not getting the level of quality that he or she is after in terms of content could be missing out on a lot of different marketing opportunities and benefits. As a SEO reseller you should always be looking for ways to improve the content and how it will be received.

Content legibility is just one example of where a SEO reseller may not be getting everything that he or she needs from a partnered SEO firm. Other examples could be how the actual SEO itself is implemented, the support system of backlinks and whether or not it is properly in place, and even how a SEO firm communicates with a SEO reseller on the needs of a client. If you are not happy with what you have now, there are SEO firms that can help.

How You Can Work With A White Label SEO

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Have you thought to yourself how great it would be to embed yourself in the world of search engine optimization, or SEO? A good way to get an in is to work with a white label SEO. But prior to getting in contact with someone at this kind of firm, first understand the types of professionals who generally work with them. Then decide which of your skills mesh well with the opportunities offered by an SEO of this kind.

A white label SEO possesses the innate power to utilize the most appropriate and integrative tools, often more so than a traditional SEO. Whereas a traditional-style SEO firm employs a few technology-focused specialists and then a full team of salespeople responsible for promoting the service, a white label SEO can fully focus its efforts on one thing: creating opportunities for clients to get more business.

A white label SEO generally hires only technology-focused specialists and leaves everything else up to freelance writers, bloggers and resellers. Freelance writers often get new assignments every day to write articles based on the keywords that clients and the white label SEO chooses that they feel will bring the most amount of online users directly to the client via the web. Bloggers do just like it sounds … they blog about the same keyword-specific topics. Resellers, meanwhile, have the task of selling the service to customers.

Both writers and bloggers work almost exclusively on a freelance basis, meaning they get paid directly from the white label SEO on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the work they have completed. Good writers get bonuses or raises after a certain amount of time. They also get more challenging work. The amount writers get paid varies from firm to firm, and the amount of work is almost entirely up to the writer and what she is capable of delivering.

Resellers are responsible for getting new clients. They often work on a contract basis and join specific SEO reseller programs with white label SEOs, which also commonly are known as private label SEOs. Resellers often get a cut or percentage of what is brought in on a monthly basis, or they could get a flat fee based on the number of clients they bring in each week or month. Resellers stand to make considerably more than writers, but they also spend considerably more time on reselling than writers do on writing.

Reselling SEO Can Help Your Marketing Firm

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If you want to do something to help the overall efforts of your marketing firm, you should begin reselling SEO in addition to any of the other services you currently exploit. While the process of reselling SEO is certainly not for everyone, if you are already working in the field of marketing, it should be a synch for you to incorporate this into your already existing list of services. Because reselling SEO does not involve any sort of service creation, all you will need to do is establish a bond with a private label company and then find an audience for the service. The rest of the process involved with reselling SEO is pretty self explanatory once you get the basics down and it will help you to accelerate your program.

If your marketing firm is more focused on traditional media techniques; reselling SEO can make all of your programs instantly more varied by giving you the opportunity to offer a really powerful online marketing service. You will find that by reselling SEO, you will suddenly broaden your customer horizons as well because more people will start to become interested in your services that have a business that is mostly or purely focused online. Hedging your bets with one type of marketing is never going to make sense for any smart firm and since the internet represents the future, reselling SEO seems like the smartest recourse for you to take.

Once you find yourself actively reselling SEO, you will also notice that your clients will have a more favorable opinion of your business. This is because you will now have the power to offer them something new and innovative that is very popular on the market today. SEO will continue to be popular so it is a great service for longevity.

One of the things that marketing firms rely on over time is repeat business and when you become an SEO reseller, you will find that business is much easier to facilitate. Not only is SEO an important short term marketing service, but it has long term benefits as well. This means more customers will sign on for updates.

In the end, you will find that you can do a lot more with your firm when you offer SEO to the public. Your customers will appreciate what you are doing and will enjoy the benefits to their business. You will enjoy higher profit margins and more clients.

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