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That SEO Reseller program you MUST see

If you are a search engine optimization business and want to expand how your product is sold, the next logical step is to resell seo from a great SEO reseller team. You would sell this to other firms who deal in related services and may be in need of seo services. It is an increasingly common practice to resell seo through another company under that banner of that company. The service is rebranded as a product of the business partner and not your company itself, allowing some key benefits. The partnership affords the company which you resell seo through to instantly offer a more complete set of products to their customers, with the intent of greater retention by being competitive with other firms who offer seo services in house.

From the point of view of their customers, they will not be privy to the fact that their vendor has chosen to resell seo. In fact, the point of creating a relationship to resell seo is to present the work being done with the label of your partner itself, not you. A visible method to resell seo would present challenges, and it is usually easier to make the work being done more transparent to the clients of your partner. The benefits to you, despite choosing to resell seo and lose brand credit for your work, is that your sales can be increase through a larger customer base.

Although your name will not be associated with the work, your business partner that you resell seo through can refer you to other similar businesses if they are happy with your results, adding even greater numbers to your bottom line. Choosing to resell seo is an easy choice for many optimization brokers, as it helps to create inroads to a new world of possible sales revenue as you resell seo to already established customers of your new business partners.

You want a reseller business in SEO

I know that many readers are searching for the same thing. They want to resell SEO and build a small business that can support them and the lifestyle they envision. This is a grand dream and I understand it’s appeal. But the first bit of bad news is that many many other people share this same dream. And this is where the rub is.

In the SEO reseller space, you need to understand that the competition is fierce. Yes, this is a big market and there is plenty of business to go around. But additionally, you will run into other SEO resellers who will stop at nothing to win the deal. This means you need to be smart and tuff. You need to be focused on sales and marketing and you need to bring the best possible SEO program to market.

I recommend using a very high quality SEO reseller program as your launching point. You can decide later that you would like to pull the search engine optimization in-house. But at the beginning of your SEO reseller strategy, you need to be exclusively focused on sales and marketing. This means there is no time for delivery headaches. Hire a reputable firm with great search engine optimization results. This usually entails joining their seo reseller program. Most will be free. But be sure to pick one that does private label SEO (also called white label SEO). This allows you to keep your customer relationships in case you need to change SEO vendors later.

Outsource SEO to an SEO Reseller

So you know my bent, if you want to jump in to the search engine optimization game, DO IT! It’s cool. There is tons going on every day in SEO that makes for great conversation and debate – and there is money to be made too.  However, you need to not make the big mistake I see many doing all the time. They assume that SEO is easy. They really underestimate how competitive the landscape is in the search engine optimization world. For this reason I am a huge fan of the SEO reseller strategy.  Outsource SEO to someone that specializes. When you are first starting out – you need to focus on sales. Sales (and marketing), but mostly sales, is where your day needs to begin and end. As you acquire customers, the focus can shift to delivery- but at first you need to sell – or your little company will not go too far.

So to keep from becoming to tied up in the delivery, a high quality SEO reseller program can be exactly what you need. You can outsource SEO to another organization that does only this all day.  The outsourced SEO firm will have economy of scale. When you outsource SEO to them, that’s all they will focus on. That’s there sole mission – while yours is to sell search engine optimization services out in the marketplace. You can always come back around and decide to bring SEO delivery back in-house. If you don’t sell, the only decision will be where to send your resume :-)

So you want an online business?

I know that many people would like to have a little online business on the side. I mean, it’s sexy. The idea of having an Internet business as part of your portfolio of business interests is certainly cool. But there are many not-so-fun facts about getting into the online space that you must consider as you wade into these waters. First, the barriers to entry are so amazingly low, you need to face this fact. Sure, sure – You say. I understand. But really? Do you? This means people in poor countries can sit at a computer for 14 hours and do things you could not possible justify. Watch that. Respect it.

I advocate the SEO business as a great place to start. But only in a specific way. I think the SEO reseller model is really cool for beginners. There is such low risk and your time-to-market is really fast. This is all good. Becoming a reseller for someone else is not hard. They will give you all the tools to sell their SEO and get you started. This will give you a taste of what it’s like out there. See what the SEO reseller competition is really like before you sink any BIG BUCKS into this crazy dream of yours.

Find the right fit with an SEO reseller program

Look, not all SEO reseller programs were created equally. There are going to be some that fit really well and other that are just not a good fit for your business. The issue is really not finding the “perfect” program as much as it is finding a program you can resell that will go the distance with your business. So what does that really mean? Let’s break it down.

Reselling SEO for someone else is really a partnership. You and another organization are joining together for a common cause: To make money together. You both want to gain SEO customers. But you have decided that one group will sell while the other group will deliver. This has a logic to it. Each organization can specialize in what they are good at and not try to do things they are not particularly great at. So if you are good at sales or already have IT customers, you are probably ready to check out an SEO reseller program. The reason is that reselling SEO is much easier than trying to build a solid SEO product yourself. With so much of SEO being off-site these days to rank, it is a very competitive space.

So what defines an SEO reseller strategy you can work with? First, be comfortable with the search engine optimization tactics they use. Learn about them. Get to know how they function and where there rankings really come from. Be comfortable. Second, you need a good working relationship with the reseller. You will be in business together. This means that things will go wrong from time-to-time. That’s okay. With a good working relationship, you can adjust and fix things. With a bad relationship, you don’t get your work done.

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